Telluride lecture series (TLS)


The Business of Being Green

Saturday, April 11th, 2015  3-5 pm

Colloquium Room, East Hall 4448


Every year, Telluride House hosts a Lecture Series on a currently pressing and interesting topics to spark further discussion and connect the attendees with appropriate resources to further explore these issues. We make an effort to bring eclectic speakers that represent different facets of the issue to provide a well-rounded perspective to the attendees. 

This year, we invite you to attend a panel discussion on what it means to be a "green" start-up and how sustainability ventures can make a profit. Our esteemed panelists include...

  • Joseph Trumpey, a University of Michigan professor with a dual appointment in the Stamps School of Design and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment

  • Infusion Technologies, a start-up building a combined solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cell for domestic use

  • Vivergy, a start-up building a free web app to help users and communities understand local air pollutuion, and give them the tools to do something about it

  • Digested Organics, which works with companies to recycle their waste

  • Hiveland, a company working to connect bee keepers with farmers to improve crop production and reduce the loss of pollinators.

A Q&A with refreshments by Zingermann's will follow the panel discussion.

Hope to see you there!