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      Our application cycle is open!!

The Application

The house member application to the Telluride House is available HERE and a letter of recommendation guide that you are encouraged to send to the individuals writing letters on your behalf is available HERE.

The application is designed to be challenging but not intimidating. It consists of several essays on a variety of topics and serves to inform the house about you are as a person and your interest and dedication to the pillars upon which our community rests: self-governance, community service, and intellectual inquiry. There is no model applicant. The house accepts members as much for their artistic portfolios or scientific research as it does for their personal or professional experiences. As such, we encourage you to be genuine and reflective and highly recommend that you invest a significant amount of time into writing and revising the essays.

Dates and Deadlines

The Telluride House reviews applications in two cycles: Fall & Winter. In both cycles, applicants apply for residence in the Telluride House starting Fall 2019.

Fall Cycle: We are no longer accepting applications for consideration during our fall cycle as they were due at 11:59:59pm EST on October 8, 2018. We are currently reviewing the applications we received any will contact applicants advancing to the interview round at the end of October 2018.

Winter Cycle: Any application received in full after October 8, 2018 but before 11:59:59pm EST on February 18, 2019 will be considered during our winter application cycle. Applicants who advance the second round will interviewed in March 2019 and all applicants will receive the final result of their application in April 2019.

Please be informed the applications should be submitted to and not any other email address listed on a previous iteration of the application.

Terms of Scholarship & Eligibility

As all members of the Telluride House must be enrolled as full-time University of Michigan while living in the house, the Telluride House only will consider the applications of individuals who will full-time students at the University of Michigan in Fall 2019. Examples of applicant profiles satisfying this requirement include but are not limited to: current University of Michigan students who will still be full-time students in Fall 2019 and individuals who are not currently University of Michigan students but are applying for a University of Michigan program whose matriculation is in Fall 2019. 

To learn more about house amenities and other scholarship requirements, please visit the Terms of Scholarship page.


If you have any questions about the application process, please email:

Prospective Candidates Mailing List
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