Michigan Branch of Telluride Association

Scholarship Application (Fall Cycle)

For Current University of Michigan Students

and former participants of either TASS or TASP

Telluride Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical ability.

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Application Instructions

  • We highly recommend that you invest a significant amount of time into the essays. No applicant with weak essays has been selected for the interview round. 
  • Please note that you will not be able to save this application. We suggest writing your essays in a word document and copy-pasting into the online application upon completion.
  • Parts I and II (General Information and Essays) must be submitted online by the deadline. Please read the instructions carefully when filling out the form. 
  • Part III (Recommendation Letters and Transcript) should be mailed in or brought to the house in person.  All recommendations should be clearly labeled with your full name. 
  • Supplementary materials are not expected and cannot be returned to you, but may be included if you feel they will significantly enhance your application. You will be presented with the option to upload supplementary materials after submitting your application. 
  • Once you submit all three parts, you should receive a confirmation via email within two business days.  If you have not received a reply email within that time frame, it is your responsibility to follow-up regarding the receipt of your application. 
  • Questions about applications should be directed to the Recruitment Committee via mbta.apply@tellurideassociation.org. When inquiring about your application, the subject line of your email should read, “Application of [Your Full Name]”
  • Late applications will NOT be considered.  Complete applications (Parts I, II, and III) must be received by Monday October 6th, 2014.  Due to the volume of applications that we receive, we will not review your application if any component of your application is missing (e.g., recommendation letters). For exceptional circumstances, please contact mbta.apply@tellurideassociation.org
  • Please ensure that materials sent via USPS or courier arrive by the due date and time.

Telluride House
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Part one
Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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Permanent Address
Current Address *
Current Address
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Degree *
Next year at the University of Michigan will be my __ year of undergraduate/graduate
Please include dates attended, name of institutions, and locations
If you choose, you may also submit a one-page resume in addition to filling out the following information. You have the option to upload supplementary materials after submitting this form.
Please include activity, position name, and dates and hours per week
Please include employer, activity/position held, and dates and hours per week
Name of Parent/Guardian #1 *
Name of Parent/Guardian #1
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Phone Number of Parent/Guardian #1
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Name of Parent/Guardian #2
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Phone Number of Parent/Guardian #2
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Part Two
In evaluating your application, we will consider more than the facts of your accomplishments. The following essays are extremely significant in advising our acceptance decisions. All essays should be submitted single-spaced and in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins on all sides. Essays 1-3 should each be 500-1000 words (approximately 1-2 pages in length). Essay 4 should be 1500-3000 words (approximately 3-6 pages in length).
Please describe your education and career plans, as well as factors that have influenced you in reaching these decisions. As it is applicable, discuss people, activities, or events that have been important in shaping you (e.g. family, academic coursework, travel, organizations, service work, obstacles you have overcome).
Community service is one of the pillars of Telluride House. Members are expected to participate actively in this pillar and reflect critically on service. As such, please describe the successes, failures, and limitations of your prior volunteer experiences. Bearing these experiences in mind, you should then propose a possible service project for the House to engage in. Your response should include details on implementation, and anticipated community impact.
Discuss the positive and negative aspects of communal life in a small self-governing community such as Telluride House.
Present a specific topic or issue in a field of interest in a way that makes it accessible to those with no experience in or previous knowledge of it. Explain the reason for your interest in the topic and how it might engage others. You may address political, philosophical, scientific, social, literary or other questions.
Please complete this essay only if you a former participant of TASS or TASP. Please evaluate your summer program. Please be completely frank and discuss any aspect of the program whatsoever. You are encouraged to address both the program as a whole and your own participation in it.
Part Three
Official hard copies of your most recent academic transcript and your letters of recommendation have the same deadline as Parts I and II of the application.
Official Transcript *
If your current transcript does not show at least two semesters of grades, also include an official transcript from the previous institution you attended. Note: Please send us an official paper copy of your transcript directly from your schools registrar office. We will not accept electronic versions of the transcripts.
Letters of Recommendation *
Each letter of recommendation should be printed on official letterhead and enclosed in an envelope signed at the seal.
Supplementary Materials
Optional: You will be able to upload supplementary materials after hitting submit.