Artificial Intelligence

Anthony Zheng

American Football


Are all players doomed? Some facts and discussion about concussions in contact sports

Don’t Touch My Hair!

Aixa and Natasha

The intersections of hair, access, and pride for African American women.

Brexit means…


Over two years after the Brexit vote, the UK still has no clear consensus about what Brexit actually means or how it will be implemented. I will consider the events that led up to the vote and what has happened since before attempting to move beyond the portrayal of events in the media and consider the effects of Brexit on the lives of communities in the UK and beyond.

Flagging through the ages: queer symbolism across history


Two Completely Unrelated Things: Equity Investing & Dumplings Around the World

Grace Wang

Bacteriophages: What they are and why you should care?

Ariel Roy

The mathematics of sleep and circadian rhythms

Dr. Olivia Walch

How is your circadian rhythms related to your sleep cycles and how can you use math to overcome the jet lag? How does math lead to manipulation of the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class?

The development of concentration, perception, imagination, fantasy, and creativity. Exercises and games (using the Stanislavsky method).

Dr. Irina Khutsieva

Transpacific Identity: How Can We Define Mixed-Race Identity in the Age of Globalization?

Dr. Joo Young Lee

Art and Technology: A History of Video Games

Dr. Kelli Wood

My Reflections As A Future Teacher

Raenell Williams

“The current state of urban education and what I hope to do about it.”

The relationship between theatre, state and society in today's Russia

Dr. Irina Khutsieva