• From: Detroit, MI

  • Year in School: Fourth year Doctoral student

  • Studying: Social Work & Psychology

About Natasha:

Natasha Johnson is a third year doctoral student in the joint Social Work & Psychology program at the University of Michigan. She graduated in 2012 from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Overall she is interested in examining protective factors associated with socially and economically disadvantaged populations in an agenda to promote improvement of mental health, academic success, civic engagement, and self-efficacy. Currently, her research examines contextual factors associated with racial identity shifts and stability. She also serves as a Doctoral Committee Representative for the Doctoral Student Organization in social work and is a first year house member at the Michigan Branch Telluride Association.

Upon completing obtaining completing her program Natasha hopes to find an academic space where she can engage in interdisciplinary research and collaborate with stakeholders in the community. Moreover, one of her career goals is to develop future researchers while promoting the growth of ethnic minorities in professional academia settings.