• From: Aden, Yemen

  • Year in School: 4th

  • Studying: Education/Linguistics

About Nasr:

Marhaba, my name is Nasr. I come from the beautiful coastal city of Aden in the South of Yemen. I worked on a US state funded program to teach English for low income students in my country between 2013-2016. I just graduated on April 2018 from the School of Education with honors degree in the MA program of Teaching and Learning which was one of the most important academic opportunity in my life. Now I’m doing my second MA in linguistics with focus on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. I’m also a leading GSI and I teach Arabic for undergrads. My interest is on the educational systems of developing countries and the effect of conflict and peace on education. My cultural and volunteering experience comes from being a Global Xchange member, FLTA Fulbright member and a volunteering activities supervisor. I love photography, teaching and learning and Arabic calligraphy.