Irina Khutsieva


About Dr. Khutsieva

 My name is Irina Khutsieva.  I am a stage director and acting teacher in Moscow, Russia. I have more than thirty years of experience in the Russian theatre. While my first degree is in Russian Language and Literature, my entire adult career has been devoted to the theatre. So, I have a higher qualification as a stage director (“GITIS”, The Russian Academy of Theatrical Art; Moscow).

     I direct my own studio theatre – Chamber Theatre (Moscow, founded 2004). In recent years my theatre has been working under the aegis of  the Yuri Entin Creative Center (Moscow). I have staged more than fifty plays in Russia, Germany and the United States. I have worked at one of Russia’s most distinguished theatrical academies – The Shchepkin Higher Theatre Institute associated with the State Academic Maly Theatre of Russia (Moscow). My experience in teaching college students, both drama majors and non-majors, is particularly extensive.

     I am a specialist and practitioner of the Stanislavski system, and have worked in accordance with the principles and traditions of Russian psychological theatre. I have also developed my own creative methods of staging and teaching. In the last few years, my fields of professional activity have ranged from directing a major gala performance shown on national TV to running theatre workshops for professional actors in Russian provincial towns and staging plays in Russia and the United States.