Vincent Ancona


I am an MSW student with a focus on interpersonal practice and mental health on full scholarship through the GSSA program, where I edit students resumes, conduct mock interviews, and prepare them for successful transfer to the professional world. I hail from Philadelphia, PA, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Bucknell University, on full scholarship, where I was awarded an Emerging Scholar in Psychology Fellowship and published research on forgiveness.  I also studied European Clinical Psychology under professors from the University of Copenhagen and DIS where I was able to learn about psychoanalysis at the Sigmund Freud Institute in Vienna, Austria, and visit over 14 different countries and several continents including Africa, India, and the United Arab Emirates.   My academic interests lie in taking a holistic approach to therapy, specifically intersecting treatments which might include Freudian psychoanalysis, Frankl inspired existential logo-therapy, positive psychology, CBT, and various other approaches. I am also a poet, who has worked for such artists as David LaChapelle, and had his first poem published through the Academy of American Poets “Poem In Your Pocket” initiative through Bucknell University, and am working on my second collection of poems, “Finding The Words.”

As a first generation, non-traditional, queer student, with an unusual life-history, I feel compelled to empower others to seek the best within themselves, and you’ll often find me chatting about life until 4:00 AM on weekends in Telluride’s cozy living room.  I also enjoy singing a cappella, playing my trusty Brazilian guitar, hitting the gym, and going on impromptu road trips.  I hope to one day settle down near the ocean with a hammock, a loving partner, steadfast friends, and lots of sunlight.