Genna Goist

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  • Year in School: 1st year

About Genna:

Hi there! I'm Genna, and I am originally from Houston, Texas. Throughout my short life, I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Middle Bass Island, Ohio; and Kalamazoo, Mattawan, and, most recently, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Outside of those areas, I haven't traveled much, but I hope to gain as much insight as I can into the lives of those around the world through collaboration at Michigan. I have a medical alert service dog, Roy (pictured), who lives with me in the house and goes everywhere with me. Roy's interests include sleeping, the downward dog yoga pose, belly rubs, and being an incredible/life saving service dog for me (and earning treats for doing so). I have type one diabetes, which makes life more interesting than average. Having a chronic and difficult to manage illness has given me a unique perspective on daily life, and I enjoy using my voice to advocate for those with disabilities. I aspire to do many things, but I haven't quite picked one yet. Thus, if you ask me what I'm studying, I will probably give you an exasperated look followed by a long list of random interests. I enjoy engaging in discussion about almost anything, and my family teases me about asking too many questions. Whatever I do in life, my main interests are in bioethics, philosophy, and medical anthropology. I also really love the band Queen! However, I have a feeling that there isn't much I can do with that outside of karaoke, though any ideas would be appreciated...