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Interested in applying to live at Telluride House as a faculty guest? We are always looking for faculty or visiting artists to live at the House for one semester or the entire academic year!

Dates and Deadlines

Applications for Fall 2019Winter 2020 academic year are now accepted. Applications must be received before 5pm EST on March 16th, 2019 to be considered for this cycle. Interested candidates are requested to enter your contact information below and check this space for updates.

About the Faculty Fellowship

Telluride House is a self-governing scholarship house for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Michigan, including selected visiting faculty at UM as a way to enrich its communal life. It is a lively democratic community dedicated to intellectual inquiry, self-governance, and public service. 

At the Telluride House, Faculty Fellows live in suites that can easily accommodate spouses and children. As part of their fellowship, Faculty Fellows are required to give one hour-long academic talk per semester on a subject in their field. In addition, Faculty Fellows are encouraged to involve themselves in the intellectual and collegial life of the House. Past Fellows have enjoyed informal dinner conversations with students, worked on public service projects with House members, and implemented interactive initiatives such as workshops, film series, and reading groups. 

Short-term faculty guests will be hosted in a house guest room with access to a shared bathroom unless a faculty suite is available, in which case they will be hosted in a faculty suite. As part of their fellowship they are required to give one hour long academic talk during their stay.

For more information on the Telluride House, please visit the About Telluride House page. For more information on the Telluride Association, please visit the Telluride Association page or visit their site.

Application Process

The faculty fellowship application to Telluride House is a straightforward process. The first round consists of a short application and submission of a curriculum vitae and/or supplemental materials. Applicants selected for the second round will receive an interview, either in person at Telluride House in Ann Arbor or via telephone or Skype. 



Please contact us for more information on the faculty application process. Email: mbta.apply@tellurideassociation.org

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Faculty Testimonials

Kelli Wood   Assistant Professor and Telluride Faculty Fellow, 2016-2019

Kelli Wood

Assistant Professor and Telluride Faculty Fellow, 2016-2019

Being a Faculty Fellow at Telluride is a rare opportunity to connect with some of the brightest and most engaged students at the University of Michigan. Upon my arrival, I was welcomed into a warm and vibrant community that soon came to be not only the house in which I lived but a true intellectual home. The students were eager to learn about my field and academic interests, and the close company created by the residential fellowship opened a special space for thought-provoking and interdisciplinary dialogues. A generosity of spirit, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to service and well being amongst members of the house made my stay a joy and helped me to focus my own academic practice. Overall my residency at the Telluride House was refreshing and enlightening as a teacher, a scholar, and a person, and I highly recommend that both visiting and permanent faculty members at Michigan consider applying to spend time with this exceptional organization.
— Kelli Wood 2016-19
Irina Khutsieva   Residential College Artist in Residence for Fall Term 2018

Irina Khutsieva

Residential College Artist in Residence for Fall Term 2018

A few days ago I left Telluride House, which became my real native Home which is extremely comfortable, cozy, interesting, full of positive young energy and vigorous activity. I am already missing all the inhabitants of this beautiful community. Everything was fascinating and varied here: bright, cheerful, smart and talented young people, wonderful staff, interesting and informative conversations, serious lectures, fun parties, very comfortable living conditions, tasty food. The Telluride House has an atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect, good humor, understanding and support, tolerance. Intellectual life at the Telluride House is active and diverse. It was a pleasure and honor for me to live in such an atmosphere. I loved being part of the House and getting involved in House life. I am sure that the experience of living in this beautiful community gave me one of the most useful and positive impressions of my life. I am very grateful to all the participants, creators, inspirers, and sponsors of such a humane, necessary and powerful organization. Long live, Telluride!!!
— Irina Khutsieva Fall-2018
Jesús de Felipe Redondo ’12-13

Jesús de Felipe Redondo ’12-13

My experience at the Telluride House has been one of the most rewarding of my life from a personal and a professional perspective. To begin, both house members and the administrative staff with whom I have had the opportunity of sharing my live during the last year have provided me with extremely interesting perspectives about their studies and projects, but also with their respect and love. I have felt fully integrated into a group of remarkable and energetic people in a democratic atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and learning. People who care about others, who have a social commitment to their society that make them grow as individuals. I believe I myself have benefited from this personal growth. Telluride House offers an extraordinarily stimulating environment for intellectual debate on the meaning of democracy in a culturally and politically diverse world. I consider myself a privileged person for having had this opportunity and I would recommend it to other faculty.
— Jesús de Felipe Redondo ’12-13
Norman Yoffee '09-11

Norman Yoffee '09-11

As a senior professor, four decades (give or take a few decades) older than my student house-mates in Telluride House, I hereby testify: Telluride students are serious students, smart and articulate, qualities that are selected for in the application process for residence in TH; they are also interesting people, having academic concentrations from many parts of the university community; and the house is amazingly quiet—I work in my suite, which is spacious and comfortable (two large rooms and a private bathroom). I have enjoyed living in TH for two Fall semesters as I transition to a different life away from Ann Arbor and U-M. I highly recommend the experience.
— Norman Yoffee ’09-11
Scott Kurashige, '09-10

Scott Kurashige, '09-10

I had a great year at Telluride. The intellectual exchanges I had with the students were some of the best I’ve had in 10 years as a professor at Michigan.
— Scott Kurashige ’09-10
I stayed at Telluride House in September/October 2010. I had a wonderful time. Everyone was welcoming: the students, the other faculty members (Matt and Norman), and the staff (including Shannon and Peg in the office, Jack in the kitchen, and Rick keeping everything going). I enjoyed spending time with the students, especially at meal time. I was supposed to engage students intellectually – to their benefit. The reverse happened – the students’ conversation was to my benefit. Such a stimulating group. The PubSpeaks were a delight.
— Jennifer Archer ’10