Chris opila

Felucca Photo_Chris Opila.jpg


  • From: Phoenix, Arizona

  • Year in School: 1st year Law School

  • Studying: Law

About Chris:

I am a public interest-oriented law student on a Dean’s Scholarship who is considering pursuing a Master’s in Social Work alongside my Juris Doctorate. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics & Economics at Middlebury College in Vermont, and worked in Egypt and different parts of Eastern Africa for six years as a refugee resettlement advocate and processer before moving into the Telluride House. My academic interests lie in refugee and immigration law, particularly its intersections with national security, as well as civil conflict resolution, comparative Middle East politics, and all things Cairo.

When I’m not hunched over a law book with a cup of tea in Telluride House’s library or volunteering with a refugee/immigration service provider in Ann Arbor, I tend to be climbing at the rock gym, playing a board game with friends, or attempting to learn a new song on the mandolin.