• From: Georgia

  • Year in School: PhD, 3rd year

  • Studying: Education and Psychology

About Channing:

My name is Channing Mathews and I am a 2nd year doctoral student in the Combined Program of Education and Psychology (CPEP) at the University of Michigan. Though I was born and spend a decent part of my childhood in Florida, I set my roots in Valdosta, GA where I was raised from 2nd grade. My favorite hobby is traveling; I have lived in both the Dominican Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo and have traveled to at least 14 different countries in five years abroad. I am outgoing and will try almost anything once, which has and continues to enrich my life in ways that I cannot describe. At UofM I serve as the president of the graduate student organization Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR) where we seek to build multiethnic coalitions around issues of social justice, student activism while simultaneously building community through social and networking events. I am looking forward to my 1st year in the Telluride house, where I hope to find unique ways to get involved in the community in Ann Arbor and the greater Detroit area.