Poonam Borah



  • From: Assam, India

  • Studying: Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy 

About Poonam:


I am from Assam, a lesser known state in the northeast of India. You might have heard of the place if you are like a tea person, but there is more to the state than tea gardens…Come visit! This is my first year in Telluride House and I was a full time school teacher in Delhi before I enrolled in the School of Education, hoping to complete a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. I am deeply interested in changing school environment in chronically under performing schools and believe that good leadership is the key to that change.

 You will usually find me listening to folk music and staring out of the window in my room. I love watching plays and dance performances ranging from Bollywood to classical.  History, Art and Architecture fascinates me and I never lose an opportunity to traveI. I might look like I am busy reading something but would absolutely love to talk to you and know more about you, a good starting point could be about your favorite school teacher!