Lilliana Lin



  • From: Taipei, Taiwan

  • Year in School: Graduate Student

  • Studying: Law

About Lilli:

Hello! My name is Lilliana and this coming year will be my third year at the University of Michigan. I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, but my family moved here a year ago so I live in Michigan now. I have three younger siblings: twins and a younger brother who I spoil just a tad too much- and 14 younger cousins, so I grew up in a very lively environment. I'm used to there being a lot of people around and after twenty years, I've become quite a pro at tuning out noise! I have a huge sweet tooth, but I also like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables so I've convinced myself that the two balance each other out. I 'm a huge music fan and I wake up with random songs stuck in my head which, unfortunately, get stuck for a while so I end up humming the same song for days on end. My family is very into sports and I play basketball and volleyball with my siblings when we have free time together. I spent this past summer playing golf and biking too, though those two seem a little bit more difficult during Michigan winters. At the moment I'm trying to teach myself Japanese, so if anyone in the House knows Japanese you'll probably get a good laugh on a rainy day, watching me crash into any language obstacle possible as I stumble through my beginner's packet. I'm also watching Japanese shows/movies as part of the learning effort, so let me know if anyone has any recommendations!