Kiaura Clark



  • From: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Year in School: Junior
  • Studying: Political Science and Spanish

About Kiaura

My name is Kiaura and I am a junior studying Political Science and Spanish at the University of Michigan. I grew up in Ann Arbor and was born a Wolverine fan. Despite growing up and going to college in the same city my entire life, I have the travel bug and hope to visit every continent. On my most recent adventure, I found myself in Havana, Cuba. Spanish being one of my favorie ways to communicate, I teach ESL every week with a Latino mentoring association.

My passion for social justice within Ann Arbor and beyond motivates my work with Detroit Action Commonwealth. There, I lead an ID and birth certificate workshop for low income and homeless Detroiters. These documents are required to secure housing, obtain a job, and enroll children in school or access healthcare. In my free time, I enjoy running, indulging in reality TV shows, and starting DIY projects.