Kate Sutcliffe



  • From: Stillwater, Minnesota

  • Year in School: 2nd year Graduate Student

  • Studying: Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology

About Kate:

I hail from Minnesota but have spent the last several years kickin' it in Illinois. I attended Knox College, where I studied biology and philosophy and grew so accustomed to trains that I now have trouble falling asleep without their whistles. After graduating, I worked in animal science in the Second City before heading to the southwest to work in land conservation. Now I'm acquiring Wolverine status to study Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology.

Things I like include postcards, procrastination, puns, Irish dance, discussions about everything under the sun, discovering new music and spending all my food money on books. There's a whole lot in this world to be interested in, but if I had to choose a few the list would include antimicrobial resistance, agricultural and food policy and biodiversity. I hate switchbacks and the Oxford comma.

My favorite place in the world is Mani-La Sal National Forest. My guilty pleasures include sports movies and a serious coffee addiction.