Jared Slawski



  • From: South Lyon, MI

  • Year in School: Senior

  • Studying: Computer Science

About Jared:

Heya folks!  I’m currently a Computer Science student at the good ol’ College of Engineering.  When I’m not incessantly cursing at my computer screen and sobbing into my keyboard, you will often find me playing video games and eating inhuman amounts of candy (to numb the pain…).  On my down time I enjoy playing tennis and making lame jokes.  I’m also a hobbyist game designer who tinkers around here and there when I get the chance.  On top of my already hectic EECS schedule, I also study Japanese, so that’s pretty neat (what’s free time, again?).  If you’d like to chit-chat, don’t let my absurd height and untamable hair scare you away!  I’m generally a pretty friendly person (as long as you can tolerate my sense of humor).