• From: Kenya

  • Year in School: First Year, PhD

  • Studying: Anthropology (Archaeology)

About James:

I am a first year student in the department of anthropology in a PhD program in archaeology. I was born and brought Meru on the Eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya (the second highest mountain in Africa). My research interest is on the archaeology of hunter-gatherer communities in Eastern Africa, their subsistence strategies, technology and climatic adaptation. I am however, open to work in any other parts of the world if anything exciting shows up.  

I am a first year in Telluride House and serve in the Logistics Committee. One thing I like about the house is the dinner-table discussions which give one an opportunity of sharing experience with people from diverse backgrounds. It’s even better for an international student like me as there is always someone to turn to if I need help navigating my daily life hustles here.

My studied keep me quite occupied but, when I have some time, I enjoy a friendly chat with a friend over a cup of coffee or will be in my room watching a movie or listening to music. Am however, always ready to squeeze in anything that will make my day better.