Brie Starks



  • From: Detroit, MI

  • Year in School: Senior

  • Studying: Political science and history

About Brie:

Soooo....if I started to talk about myself i'd probably never stop so, I'll try to keep this short and sweet.  Welp, my name is obviously Brie Milan Starks.  Yes, my first name is a type of French cheese and my middle name is a town in Italy.  One wouldn't think I was born in Michigan eh?  Aha! Yet I am!  I am Detroit born and raised and now Ann Arbor free spirited.  What does that mean? You decide.  My favorite comedy is the movie, "Step Brothers" so, you may be able to guess that I am extremely silly and down to earth.  Don't be alarmed because I am telling you ahead of time, but I smile, A LOT.  It is rare that you would ever see me not smiling.  I enjoy midnight snacks, late night talks at the dinner table after hours, hearing about the daily lives of my fellow housemates and just being around great people!

On a more serious note, I am a Sophomore and second year in the house.  I will be declaring my double major in the Winter as Political Science and History.  The more you get to know me, you will hear a lot about my passions to be of help to minorities, the disabled, and low-income families in my future.  My plan is to finish undergrad and go straight through to law school to eventually become a Civil Rights Attorney, which has become an even greater passion of mine in the past two years of my life.  Things have never just been handed to me in life thus far, so I work 10x harder than many of my peers, even if obstacles are thrown my way.  I am a scholar of 7 scholarships and a part of 6 different organizations on campus, so yes I am extremely involved.  My greatest new passion is my research, which I will be continuing this year, along with traveling and archive digging with my research professor as we work on African American and United States History dating back to the 1800s.  It's far more interesting than it sounds and has opened up my eyes to the fascinating world of History like never before.  Anyway, there is so much more to know about me, so just ask! I promise I am very welcoming.