Anurag Panda



  • From: Brooklyn, NY and Cuttack, India

  • Year in School: PhD Student

  • Studying: Material Science and Engineering

About Anurag:


I am a PhD student working at the intersection of physics, electrical engineering and material science to study the behavior of excitons and charges in hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor material systems. Although my work is quite fundamental, I like to believe that in the future hybrid material systems will be used in field such as solar energy, remote sensing and telecommunication. I am specially interested in solar energy because it has the potential to empower isolated off-grid communities around the world.

Besides my technical work, I am interested in understanding how government policies, and economic and technological development affect the environment and impoverished communities. When I am not doing experiments I enjoy riding my bicycle, cooking spicy food and repairing/reusing broken things. If I can find some time off I also like to go on long camping trips and to travel locally.