jeremy parker



  • From: Santa Cruz, CA

  • Year in School: Graduate Student

  • Studying: Educational Studies

About Jeremy:

Hello! I’m coming all the way from sunny Santa Cruz, CA to get my MA in Educational Studies, New Media and New Literacies at the University of Michigan. This is my first year staying at the Telluride House, and I’m currently researching the boundaries of game-based education as an educational tool in formal and informal learning settings. This house combines so much of why I applied for the program - learning from so many different members of the house reinforces interdisciplinary approaches to education, there are opportunities to celebrate and incorporate social justice during night-time moments of existentialism, and it’s a supportive community of collaboration to break from the monotony of 11th hour reading assignments. When I’m not dramatically reenacting scenes from my last D&D game or winning battles for Team Instinct (because Pokemon Go is totally still alive!), I’ll be drinking coffee, swing dancing, and convincing the house to play more games!